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Charged with Domestic Assault Charges?

Domestic Violence is any threatening or assaultive behaviour between current or former romantic partners.  Crown Attorneys in Ontario treat instances of alleged domestic violence very seriously. The tendency is to prosecute an accused insisting on a finding of guilt.  Being found guilty of domestic violence can have disastrous consequences and long lasting consequences against an accused. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is important to contact an experienced and successful Newmarket Domestic Assault Lawyer to defend your rights.  

Our approach to defending domestic violence allegations will put you in a strong position to emerge without a criminal record, vindicated of wrongdoing.

Why Choose Neil Singh to Defend Your Domestic Assault Charges?

1Knowledge and Experience – While you may feel that the prospects of winning your case are dismal, that may not be the case.  Domestic Assault law is a very serious area of the law.  With that being said, we often achieve excellent results for our clients who face these serious charges.  Neil Singh has the knowledge and experience to defend your case in Court.  We study the law and we are meticulous in our preparation.  When we present your case in Court, you can rest assured, you will be defended to the fullest extent that the law will allow.

2 Crown Negotiation & Peace Bond – Once we have completed our comprehensive case review, Neil will then approach the Crown Attorney to try to resolve your case.  In each case, our approach is to set you apart from the way you have been portrayed by the complainant.  We will demonstrate to the Crown that there has been a misrepresentation: that you are a good person and a contributing member of society.  Our ultimate goal in each case is to persuade the Crown  to withdraw the charges against you.  In doing so, the Crown may require that you enter into a peace bond.  A peace bond is not an admission of guilt or liability:  it is a Court Order requiring you to comply with conditions aimed at ensuring the safety of the complainant.

3 Trial – If the Crown is of the view that the charges are too serious, or that the complainant is too vulnerable to withdraw the charges against you, we may have to take your case to a trial.  Once your trial has been scheduled, we will start to prepare your defence.  With our meticulous approach we will prepare thorough cross-examinations and prepare you to testify in your own defence.  With our experienced legal representation, we will push for a complete acquittal of all your charges.

Domestic Assault charges are very serious; the potential consequences disastrous. Allegations are often put forward to gain an advantage in divorce/custody proceedings.  Retaining an experienced and skilled lawyer is the one thing you can do to put yourself in the best position to succeed. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, Contact Us for now a free initial consultation.

Neil Singh works regularly in Newmarket, Toronto, Brampton and other GTA Courthouses for people charged with Domestic Assault offences.  With offices conveniently located in Toronto and Newmarket, we are prepared to help you in this difficult time.